Yanni Hufnagel explains how he faced many challenges at the start of his career.

Yanni HufnagelCompany founders understand the hardships of entrepreneurship. Creating successful companies is always full of multiple lows, highs, and dangerous turns. Yanni Hufnagel knows this marketplace challenges very well. The former college basketball coach faced these hardships when he created his first business in 2017. Although Yanni Hufnagel had a lot of passion for organic lemon water drinks, he found it very difficult to make profits in the market. His business idea was unique, but there were numerous issues to handle. Lemon Perfect is enjoying an incredible time in the market. The facility is already very popular, and it is available for everyone. Yanni made sure his brand was affordable to its customers too. The drinks from the company have few calories, making them ideal for people searching for healthy food options. The zero-sugar products, despite having zero sugar, have an amazing taste. After dealing with his share of challenges, Yanni raised a powerful facility. The company’s valuation has increased very fast. Valued at over one hundred million, the company items can be found in leading stores in America. Lemon Perfect products are also sold on Amazon and several other online platforms.

Currently, Lemon Perfect products come in seven flavors. Consumers enjoy original lemon, kiwi star fruit, dragon fruit mango, blueberry, pineapple coconut, and strawberry passion fruit flavors. A few years ago, when Yanni discovered the business idea, he did not understand how his business journey would be. Formulating a healthy drink was easy for the businessman after trying the drink for a long time. Yanni had only worked as a basketball coach for over a decade, a new activity for the leader. Yanni was very good and successful in coaching, but the food industry was new to him. Like other great innovators in the country, Yanni fought hard for his startup. His first months in the business were the hardest.

Yanni HufnagelYanni would call his mother because he did not know how to handle the hardships in the business. Yanni Hufnagel is happy he did not give up on his business idea. After just five years in the market, the entrepreneur is among the leading innovators in the beverage industry. The company is growing locally and in the global arena.

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