Ross Levinsohn, The Arena Group and Sports Illustrated CEO Propels Both Companies to New Heights

Ross LevinsohnRoss Levinsohn, the founder, and CEO of the Arena Group, a Newport Beach-based sports management firm that manages several top professional athletes and teams, is set to pull off the perfect capstone on his successful career. It has been almost a decade of under-the-radar successes for Levinsohn, and his place within the sports industry is about to skyrocket. The Sports Illustrated CEO is an accomplished figure in the sports world who has used his background in marketing and finance to achieve incredible success. As a member of the creative and financial management team at ESPN, the Arena Group CEO helped ESPN reach several major milestones that the network has been able to reap the benefits from today.

The Numbers Get Better

Under Ross Levinsohn, The Arena Group has been more successful, and Sports Illustrated has improved its performance. Arena Group has a large number of visitors that visit their site regularly. More than 92 million people visit the Arena Group’s site every year, and they have been able to make over $1.3 billion through their clients since they began operating. The Arena Group has worked with over 5,000 clients, including several professional athletes and teams. That number is well above what any other sports figure or management company has been able to generate. This shows that the Sports Illustrated CEO, Levinsohn, knows how to get people to pay attention to his projects. He also has a knack for learning how to get the best results from his managers. Since he first became a part of the management team at Sports Illustrated, Ross Levinsohn has been a driving force in getting people to pay more attention to the magazine and its products.

The Arena Group Sees Continued Success Under Ross Levinsohn

The Arena Group CEO has seen success in all facets of his business. Regarding the management team that Levinsohn has put together, the Arena Group CEO’s ability to find the right people for each role is impressive. Since Levinsohn joined Sports Illustrated, he has assembled a group of managers and agents who have allowed him to work with some of the best athletes in the world. The Arena Group also owns 40 content properties and more than 200 brands. Levinsohn has shown the ability to come up with ideas and concepts that will allow him to reach many people interested in sports.


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