Justin Sun Seeks To Introduce TRON Into Five Nations By 2023

Justin Sun has been widely reported as the founder and CEO of TRON. With a focus on bridging the gap between China’s developing economy and its growing digital financial technology sector, he is credited with creating the cryptocurrency TRON. He is also known for aggressively marketing his brand, often using Twitter to engage with those who share a similar interest in cryptocurrencies.

In a series of tweets, Sun outlined some of TRON’s most important steps in the coming year. These include the development of high-performance blockchain, community building, and adoption, as well as partnerships with institutional investors.

The rest of the world has planned to adopt and implement TRON as a legal tender by 2023. This will happen as soon and the U.S. will follow,” Justin Sun said. “TRON will be the most important public chain in the world where decentralized applications play an essential role,” he added.

Government adoption of cryptocurrencies will drive the next generation of blockchain technology,” Justin Sun said. He also thinks a growing number of blockchain developers is key to TRON’s success. He explained that as more people become aware of TRON and its potential, they will likely develop on top of the network.

He explained that TRX would be easily adopted in Dominica with six TRON-based cryptocurrencies adopted as legal tender. According to the press release, this will allow visitors and residents in Dominica to pay for goods and services using local currencies and cryptocurrencies. They can also store them using the provided government-issued “Digital Wallet.”

Justin Sun is working tirelessly to ensure that TRX will be accepted as legal tender in five countries this year. He thinks this is the right way to embrace cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology and make them more usable in everyday life.

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