Yves Mirabaud Discusses The Mirabaud Group’s Affairs During The Covid-19 Period

Yves Mirabaud has been a senior partner in their family establishment, Mirabaud Group, since 2012. This firm managed $37 billion by the end year 2021. Mr. Yves joined this bank in 1993 after completing his studies in international relations. He served in Geneva, New York, Boston, and Zurich and became the managing partner at Mirabaud in 1996.

In a recent interview with finews.com, Yves Mirabaud said that Mirabaud puts the needs of its clients ahead of revenue. He acknowledged that the Mirabaud firm is on the course of deciding on a new technology platform. Despite the emergence of the covid-19 virus, the Genevan private bank counts 2020 as the best performing year in its 200-year history. In 2018 and 2019, the revenues were high; however, 2020 returned 15% on equity. Therefore, it was a more profitable year.

Yves Mirabaud believes that the U.S. dollar’s weakening led to a revenue fall in Mirabaud. He says they commenced securing their actively managed client portfolios in early march before the turbulent financial market. About 60% of their clients invested passively during the highly active stage in the market. Hence, the revenue of the firm dropped.

Yves Mirabaud talked about the hedging strategy. He believes that although they seemed old-fashioned, none of their clients complained. Yves says in the first six months of 2020, most investors in asset management repositioned, leading to many outflows. Mirabaud won many new clients in wealth management who sought refuge in Switzerland during the same period. In the last half of the year, Mirabaud saw the growth of asset management and the stagnation of private banking growth.

Yves Mirabaud also says they won many private bankers and strengthened their business in active markets. Mirabaud Group established corporate finance staff in Zurich and Paris. This staff supports consultation in private banking with personal equity expertise and mergers and acquisitions. See this page to learn more.


More about Mirabaud on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mirabaud_Group


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