Yanni Hufnagel

Yanni HufnagelYanni Hufnagel is the founder of Lemon Perfect. The company is a site that helps customers find quality products to create professional-looking documents at home. They also offer everything from home design projects to sample stationery so that people can begin their business regardless of industry. “We’re dedicated to providing great products that make it easier for our customers,” said the couple.

  1. Lemon Perfect

Yanni Hufnagel is the founder of Lemon Perfect. Their website offers gift and stationery supplies, paper products, and more. They also help guide people through some fantastic DIY projects as well. Their blog also helps people not only with assignments but also with home design. They have a wide range of items that will satisfy anyone who loves to craft or create things in their time away from work.

  1. Promotion of Humor

The lemon symbolized purity until its association with leprosy in the 19th century. This, however, did not stop it from being used as a symbol of good health until the end of World War I. It has continued to be used by various industries, such as fashion and business, ever since. Although this has been used as a marketing tool, it is often considered inappropriate or even misleading to customers seeking quality products and services.

  1. History

Hufnagel started the Atlanta-based company in 2017. The couple wanted to make it easier for people to search for and find quality products for crafting, home design, and other projects. After a career as a basketball Coach, Yanni was a volleyball and workout coach. Yanni worked as a corporate trainer for a company that made paper products. She began thinking about the samples she would get in the mail from the company and how people could use them to create more than just paper products.

  1. Giving Back To Community

Yanni HufnagelYanni Hufnagel donated to local organizations that helped the community. Hufnagel has created charities and programs around the industry, such as Lemon Perfect, HUF by Hope, Lemon Perfect Women’s Food Pantry, Lemon Pledge, Passion For Play, and Gifts For Giving. He also donated to the Atlanta Community Food Bank in 2017 and 2018. The Atlanta Community Food Bank partnered with Manna from Heaven to provide food for people in need. This partnership continued into 2018.

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