Vinod Gupta the managing general partner

In length, the dunes sagebrush lizard is 3 inches long from head to tail, and it is in the running for the meekest creature on earth. It’s so tiny, and it lives in West Texas on land. On the land that the Vista Proppants and Logistics Ltd had plans of building a sand mine. The company is owned by an equity firm that’s private that is based in Greenwich, Conn. The sand in the land it’s of the highest quality and lizard, even though 11 countries have found it was prolific enough that it stayed off the endangered lists. The other thing that Vista did that was surprising. The miners went ahead to work with the local conservationists to ensure that during the building the lizards will not be harmed.
On July 4th, 1946 that’s when Vinod Gupta was born in a village called Rampur Manhyaran that’s located 100 miles from New Delhi. He gained his education in India. He started his high school in a school that was located in the village in 1962. After which he was accepted in the I.I.T where he majored in agricultural engineering. In 1967, he got his B. Tech degree. After receiving his degree in engineering in 1969, that was not the end he spent another two years at the university earning his master degree in business administration in 1971.
In Omaha, he worked at the Commodore Corporation after he moved to that place. Where he worked as a marketing researcher analyst. While at the company his task was of getting a list of mobile home dealers that were there in the United States. The file that he was using from the company was out of date. He felt he would do better, so Vinod asked that he be given the 4800 yellow pages phone directories and he was ready to compile the list on his own