Victoria Doramus Joins Hands with the Best Friends Animal Society

Victoria Doramus is a digital and print media expert who has vast experience in brand advertising and communication. She has worked for various organizations. Some of them are Stila Cosmetics, Creative Arts Agency, and Mindshare. She has also been the personal assistance to Peter Berg who is an American actor, writer, and film producer. Apart from focusing on her work, she has a great interest in philanthropy. She has supported several charities that include Best Friends Animal Society.

Victoria Doramus and the Best Friends Animal Society

Doramus has shown incredible support for the Best Friends Animal Society. They aim at helping animals by ending the killings that happen in many animal shelters in America. This is done by creating partnerships and community programs to help save them.

The society’s efforts inspire Victoria Doramus since she understands why it is necessary to assist others. While recovering from addiction, she faced a lot of challenges. Her journey made her realize that every living being needs help; including animals. Her support is also motivated by the fact that the Best Friends Animal Society firmly believes that animals deserve love and care. Their age, health or looks should not deter them from being a valued part of society.

About the Best Friends Animal Society

The Society dates back to the 1980s when cats and dogs in America were routinely killed. Shelters saw this as an excellent way to eliminate unwanted pets. Most of them were either old or sick. After some time, a group of friends, who became the Best Friends Animal Society, chose to take care of some of those animals and love them. They also found caring families who were willing to take them in.

The non-profit organization has helped to save the lives of countless pets in America. It showcases those that are adoptable from various shelters. It also sees to it that the sick ones get the medical attention that they need. To achieve its goal, it also holds fundraising and adoption events. Through public education campaigns, it helps to enlighten people on why it is essential to love and care for animals.

Through her support, Victoria Doramus helps to improve the lives of sick, old and unloved animals. She also encourages other philanthropists to follow her example.