The Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation under Shelton Haynes

Sunset Shelton Haynes

The Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC) is a public benefit corporation in New York that was created in 1984 and charged with strategizing, developing, operating, and preserving Roosevelt. The critical focus of RIOC is to facilitate environment-friendly and innovative solutions and support the Roosevelt Island residential community. RIOC manages public transportation, including the infamous Roosevelt Island Tramway, Roosevelt’s roads, buildings, and parks, and runs a Public Safety Department.

Shelton Haynes graduated from Hampton University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology. Haynes was appointed as the acting president and Chief Executive Officer of RIOC in 2020 and as the CEO and president in March 2021. As CEO, Haynes collaborates with the RIOC Board of Directors in creating and implementing strategic RIOC goals. He spearheads the actualization of the corporation’s mission, goals, strategy, and philosophy. Before rising to CEO rank, Haynes served RIOC as the Chief Operating Officer. As the COO, he facilitated performance improvement in under-delivering departments through compliance audits and assessable key performance indicators (KPIs).

Haynes is a solid believer in the collective actualization of RIOC goals. He strives to improve the collective drive and efficiency of Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation’s business model. He also aims to enhance trust between RIOC and the Roosevelt community by stressing transparency. Shelton Haynes’s leadership believes delivering on promises is key to facilitating mutual trust.

Shelton Haynes has achieved several milestones as the President and CEO of Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation. His leadership has emphasized efficiency and subject matter expertise. He has financed critical training, recruited top-quality professionals, set measurable KPIs, collaborated with the public, and streamlined business processes through enhanced technology.

Haynes has expanded RIOC’s Capital Program dramatically. The increase has translated to the completion of mega projects such as the renovation of the youth center, the landmark Blackwell House restoration, and the replacement of the seawall railing. Completing the facelift of Manhattan Aerial Tramway Station has made the acclaimed urban tramway more comfortable and safer. Transportation is easier for the 14,000 residents of Roosevelt Island.

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