The prominence of Marco Marques da Silva in his career

Marco Antonio Marques da Silva is one of the most successful judges in Brazil. His passion, hunger, and urge for his career as a judge started back after graduating from high school. He was able to go to college because he had supportive parents who were able to take him through his education system. He went to PUC where he obtained his degree in law. He still felt that he had only scratched the surface of what he wanted to become. He, therefore, went ahead with his studies where he pursued his master’s degree, a doctorate and a teaching degree from Pontifical Catholic University. It is after this that he went to Coimbra Faculty of Law for his postdoctoral fellowship.

After his education, he joined PUC where he has worked until today. His education background has made him a recognized person in his field of profession, and he has been able to receive a lot of honors not only from his colleagues but also from other experts in his profession.

Recently, he was honored by Sao Paulo for naming an Auditorium in Perdizes Campus. During this ceremony, he was honored by a significant number of people each one recognizing him for his various unusual characters that have assisted in the growth and development of the institution as well as maki9ng the work easy between his colleagues. One of the first people who talked about him was the president of the institution, Mr. Dirceu de Mello who praised him for being that person who is always ready to assist in every work in the institution. He also recognized him for his assistance in the development and construction of another auditorium.

Another person who recognized Marco Antonio Marques da Silva was a professor as well as an attorney at the institution Ricardo Sayeg. He praised him for being such an industrious person from the beginning by talking about his interest in his career when he was young and how he was able to turn that interest into a flourishing career.

Besides, Marco Antonio Marques da Silva has also served in other institutions where he has been able to contribute to the making of their success stories. Some of these institutions include Palmeira and Diadema among others.

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Marco Antonio Marques da Silva