The Importance of the Ashley Lightspeed Relationship

For the longest time, Ashley Brasier had always wanted to find a place where she could not only be allowed to be creative but also make an income out of doing so. And that’s exactly why Ashley Lightspeed is important, not just for her but for the businesses that she and her partners refer to as their esteemed clients. The Lightspeed Venture Partners always treat their clients with utmost respect and strive to tailor custom-made structures for them. View Ashley’s profile at Linkedin.

Her Educational Background

Long before the Ashley Lightspeed partnership came into existence, it was always Ashley Brasier’s dream to get a quality education. And that explains why she had to go to Duke as well as Copenhagen before beginning her work at Bain (as stated below).

After working for a couple of years, Ashley Brasier felt the need to go back to school for her further studies. This time around, Ashley chose Stanford GSB which appeared to be the lucky charm since she got to hear all about Lightspeed Venture Partners while at Stanford GSB and the rest is history.

Ashley Brasier and Her Illustrious Career

Prior to forging the Ashley Lightspeed partnership, Ashley Brasier had worked on other firms which had quite impressive resumes. As soon as she had graduated from Duke, Ashley Brasier worked for Bain as a consultant for a couple of years. At that time, she didn’t even have experience and therefore wanted to use that opportunity to learn the ropes.

But during her stay at Bain, Ashley Brasier realized that she needed a more practical position. And that’s why she left for Thumbtack, a Silicon Valley company that in turn gave her the category manager. She quite enjoyed her time at Thumbtack but after a few years, Ashley Brasier felt the need to go back to school for further studies. This was simply because she wanted to jump into full prototyping, which was her first love.

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