The Evolution of Lee May in the construction industry

At the age of sixteen, Lee May would have been very easily confused to be just an ordinary young bloke out to earn a shilling as he worked as a hod carrier. His humble beginnings working as a support laborer in the building industry is a testament twenty-three how impeccable patience can outlive any form of failure and disappointments. The passion he had for the construction industry took him to the prestigious Kent College whereby he fashioned himself a set of skills that in the end made him qualify for a city and guilds certification as a bricklayer. This was the beginning of a career that he had the hunger to strive and succeed in.

The focus and vision he had for his future quickly fueled his ambitions, and by the age of twenty three, he had already become a notable subcontractor, five more years down the line at the age of twenty eight he joined the major league in his field and became one of the biggest brickwork contractors south of England. May had an army of laborers that totaled six hundred in number. Nobody his age at the time had achieved the level of achievement that he had amassed at the time.

Lee May had already become an entrepreneur, but to him, that was only the tip of the iceberg of what he wanted to achieve. Fast forward to today, and since then he has had more than twenty-five years of achievements that have also included real estate dealings. May has been known to call his occupation a hobby because he never sees the creation of magnificent structures as work but rather as creative construction. Coupled with twenty-eight instinct in identifying upcoming business opportunities, he consistently endeavors to expand his skills as well as his portfolio of investments as he aims to reach new heights in his area of expertise.

His current role as advisor at Beamridge has led the company into undertaking numerous large-scale projects under the guiding eye of Lee May. Their trust in him stems from his wisdom that he has developed over time that he nurtured through passion as well as experience on the field. The sky is the limit for him as he soars through the clouds.


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Lee May Supplements Success with Professional Development and Charity