Sports Illustrated CEO journey to the top

Ross LevinsohnFor years Ross Levinsohn has been at the frontline of sports from the inside and outside of them. Now, he brought his expertise to The Arena Group., the company that has bought up more than a dozen sports entities in its decade-long history. By any estimation, The Arena Group is a complex enterprise a conglomerate of companies in multiple industries with assets ranging from professional soccer to movie theaters—but it all comes back to Levinsohn’s goal of making money and producing content.

And, in his new role at The Arena Group, Levinsohn has an opportunity to do the same thing, but this time from the vantage point of a sports executive. Under Levinsohn, The Arena has purchased and created content targeting specific sports outlets and audiences. Levinsohn worked with Fox Sports for several years on a new TV show about soccer. Before that, Ross Levinsohn as worked for many other media organizations where he was able to develop new and better ways of advertising to sports audiences.

In a career that has spanned the entire sports industry, Ross Levinsohn has proven himself both as an entrepreneur and a deal maker. Now, with a unique opportunity ahead of him in his role at The Arena Group, he’s shown himself to be more than prepared for what’s next. And this is all part of The Arena’s ability to control its destiny in the media landscape. Sports Illustrated CEO has proven himself as a leader who can get work done and one whose work is not afraid of change.

The Arena Group is certainly no stranger to innovation, even in its short history. Sports Illustrated CEO has supported over 30 organizations pre-seed and seed-funded through the company. He has helped to bring in extraordinary people and ideas that have helped us mold The Arena Group into one of the most innovative and dynamic media companies and an incredible business. Ross is a true visionary who constantly looks ahead and sees the potential of new opportunities that can be created through his own new vision, which sets him apart from other executives. The Arena Group has already been a pioneer in sports content, whether by creating it or acquiring it.

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