Shervin Pishevar’s Epic Tweetstorm Sends Shockwaves Across Intelligentsia

As an immigrant born in Iran, naturalized American citizen Shervin Pishevar has not only achieved the American dream, he has reached stellar heights of accomplishment and received accolades that few others of any background garner.

Today Pishevar is a multi-millionaire and considered to be among the most successful super angel investors of the past decade. He backed some of the most iconic break-out businesses of recent times, including Uber, Airbnb, Munchery, Tumblr, Uber Series B and more.

Way before any of that, at age 23, Shervin Pishevar founded the groundbreaking WebOS. This was the first company of its kind to offer Windows-compatible browsing platforms that could work across a variety of Internet based configurations. This ushered in the era of Web-based computing.

In 2016 Shervin Pishevar was awarded the Ellis Island Medal of Honor to laud his immigrant roots and success as a new citizen. President Barack Obama appointed him to the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board. Obama also named Mr. Pishevar to the UN Foundation’s Global Entrepreneur Council.

Thus, when a man of amazing accomplishment like Shervin Pishevar takes to Twitter and engages in a monster 21-hour Tweetstorm, a lot of people stop what they doing and pay attention. In his recent no-holds-barred Twitter blitz, Shervin Pishevar offer some pithy opinions to regale the social media universe.

For example, Mr. Pishevar came down hard on Silicon Valley. He said this legendary California corridore of high tech development may soon be a dead horse. That’s because he thinks the whole idea of Silicon Valley is now just that — an “idea” — and ideas can be located anywhere.

Pishevar was also highly critical of the way the central banks issue government bonds to stabilize the stock market when things start looking shaky. He said this strategy has been used too often and eventually will stop working — and that may result in a market crash.

Shervin Pishevar thinks the cryptocurrency Bitcoin will also be cut down to size. He thinks this financial instrument is overvalued, but may recover after hitting a low of possibly $2000.

It was all in a Tweeting marathon by one of America’s most successful and irascible entrepreneurs.