Sheldon Lavin’s remarkable contributions to the growth of OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is the current Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group a company that is an international supplier of food products. OSI Group was started as a home butcher or a small business that used to supply meat to the immigrant community in Chicago. The owner of the business Otto Kolschowsky was a business-oriented person who always dreamt of growth of his business. After some years of development, he was able to rename the industry into Otto and Sons which have grown to be OSI Group.

Sheldon Lavin started contributing to the wellness of the company when it was still Otto and Sons as its main fancier as he used to work in the banking sector. After some years he decided to be one of the partners of the company after which he permanently joined the group. Since then, he has worked hard to see that the company reaches to the position it is today. Various factors have contributed to the growth of the company under Sheldon Lavin’s leadership. One of the elements is that he involves the company in activities that create a high image for it, for example, through philanthropy. Through OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin has been one of the primary funders of the Boys and Girls of Chicago, Evans Scholarship Fund, Jewish United Fund among other charities in the community.

In the effort to increase the market of the company, Sheldon Lavin also introduced the shares of the company to the New York Stock Exchange Market. And has also formed essential partnerships with other companies and mergers, for example, it established a fruitful collaboration with Baho food to increase the efficiency of the company’s operations and its ability to satisfy consumers.

Also, due to Sheldon Lavin’s, incredible administration of the company, OSI Group has been in a position to win a significant number of awards. For example, it was named as the leading firm in the Universe by Forbes and also awarded the Global Honour Award for its effort in the environmental conservation and management. It was also named as the top sixty-six companies in the world dealing with the supply of food products in the world.

Besides, Sheldon Lavin himself is an award winner. He was one of the people who received an award in a ceremony held in India by the India Vision World Academy where he earned a global visionary award. This award is generally given to different idealistic people in different sectors of the economy and in various professions who have worked hard with a lot of determination and consistency in their commitment to achieving incredible success.

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