Securus Technologies Brings Modern Communications to the Table

Securus Technologies is an enterprise communications company that serves correctional institutions, safety organizations and law enforcement groups. Securus currently works with over 1.2 million incarcerated individuals and their families in over 3,400 prisons, law enforcement agencies and safety groups all over North America.


There are several different plans from which inmates and their families can choose for their communications plan. These plans include collect call, inmate debit, advance pay and regular monthly billing. The latter two plans are usually covered by the family or a benefactor. The collect call is charged to the person receiving the call if they choose to accept the charges.


Also available are voicemail, email, money transfer and video services. The video option is extremely popular with inmates and their families. In addition to speaking with one another, the families and inmates can see one another just as though they were present physically and it is a joy for them to have that experience. The families also save the time and expense of having to travel to the correctional facility.


There have been many studies that have taken place over the past 40 years or so that point out the advantages of regular communications of inmates with people on the outside of prison. The recidivism rate is cut way down when inmates maintain regular communications with meaningful people on the outside. When they are regularly in touch with family, for example, they have a much better experience when they are released from prison.


The arrest rate is very low and these individuals do better in assimilation, getting a job, and fitting into a lifestyle that benefits them and their families at that time. Because they have been exposed to a normal lifestyle all along while they were incarcerated, it primes the pump, so to speak when they are released from confinement.