Ryan Seacrest: The Broadcasting Giant

Ryan Seacrest is a reputable television host, radio personality, and producer. He is famous as a host for American Idol –a music television series that earned him global recognition. Seacrest has hosted many television shows such as Ultimate Revenge, the Million Second Quiz, and Gladiators 2000. He is also a radio personality for On Air with Ryan –a radio show on KIIS-FM.

In 2014, Seacrest started the Ryan Seacrest Distinction –an apparel collection that specializes in suits, eveningwear, accessories, and sportswear. Seacrest has won many awards and nominations for his exceptional talent and broadcasting expertise. He has received several nominations for Emmy Awards as both a producer and television host. In a bid to give back to the community, Seacrest started the Ryan Seacrest Foundation in 2010.

Recently, the star went up-close and personal about his relationship with girlfriend Shayna Taylor. The two are back together after a break up in 2014. Taylor is 25 years and manages Shayna’s kitchen blog that deals with food and wellness. Seacrest and Taylor are indisputably compatible because of their shared interest in healthy eating, fitness, and welfare.

The couple met through mutual friends in 2013, and the rest is history. Ryan Seacrest contends that Taylor’s beauty and intelligence drew him to her. Additionally, her love for healthy eating and especially the incredible gluten-free pancakes she cooked on their first time together made him fall for her more.

In 2017, the couple relocated to New York from LA to start their life together. The lovebirds perceived the relocation as an adventure, an opportunity to start a new chapter together and enjoy life. In the same period, Seacrest would co-host Live With Kelly and Ryan talk show.

Although Ryan Seacrest and Taylor are busy individuals, they purpose to make time for each other. In the last couple of months, the two lovebirds have been waking up one hour earlier to spend time with each other before their busy day starts. They engage in boxing, yoga, and tango lessons as they bond. The couple does not focus on the future and strive to enjoy the present.