Principles of a Good Entrepreneur with Jose Hawilla

Some very many successful individuals have made it in their careers. What they do differently than the average people is a question that is asked by many. Here are some pointers on what makes a good entrepreneur that will help you up your game;


Wake up with Relentless Focus Everyday


The best lesson you can ever learn is that those who make it are no different from you. They don’t have anything different from what you have. They wake up and do something that pushes them closer to their dreams, even when things get tough. It is all about taking action and being consistent.


Master How to Deal with Failure


Many investors crash and give up when a challenge presents itself to them. It is critical to understand that failure will always be there. Be prepared for failure because it will always come your way. Check out



Keep in mind that there is always a solution for every problem. Failure is also another way of learning not to do something. Embrace failure and see the difference in your success.

Find ways to Minimize Costs


For a young business, it is advisable to see that you cut on costs as much as you can. At the beginning of a venture, it may not be able to support executive employees.


Outsource your work in freelancers’ column and have your tasks done at a low cost and still have the quality you need.


The dollar is powerful in other countries, which makes it possible to have the work done at a lower price in other states.




Employ People to help Reduce the Workload


Sometimes the work can be overwhelming. It is advisable to hire people to help you reduce the workload and get time to think about the next project in the business. Also, there are some things that you may need help to evaluate due to lack of knowledge.


Jose Hawilla is among the investors who have been keen in following these principles and managed to make a difference.


Jose Hawilla is the owner of Traffic Group Company that began in 1980. It is currently the leading sports marketing firm in Brazil.


Jose Hawilla worked as a sports journalist before launching his firm. Jose has also owned multiple newspapers in the state.



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