Peter Briger: Business Giant Turned Philantrophist

Peter Briger is a well-known business professional. His resume begins with a Bachelor’s Degree from Princeton University followed by an MBA from the university of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business. After joining Goldman Sachs he became involved in various management and leadership roles. During his tenure there he specialized in foreign investment, distressed debt, real estate and trading.

Peter Briger moved his career forward by joining the Fortress Investment Group in 2002. While at Fortress he helped the company to go public. He has helped guide Fortress’s growth to now managing assets in excess of $65 billion. His position in the company focuses talents in the areas of converting distressed financial instruments into cash and helping debt-ridden foreign markets raise capital.

As a result of his talent and hard work Peter Briger has seen his personal fortune grow to over a billion dollars. He has served as a board member in several institutions and organizations. He has also turned his talents and wealth into the world of philanthropy. He has personally invested over $600 million to maintain and conserve the Central Park in New York.

A prime example of his generosity, Peter Briger and two other individuals have established a funding program at Princeton University to assist recent alumni in financing their entrepreneurial startup companies. The fund will allocate up to $100,000 in matching seed funds. Briger has said that the time is right for a program of this kind to help young entrepreneurs survive in the business world as it exists today. His hope is that this will inspire these young entrepreneurs to in kind help future aspiring graduates start and grow their businesses. In addition, he has funded a professorship at Princeton. He also is active in local education by serving on the boards of charter schools and helping low income families in San Francisco.

Peter Briger continues to work leading Fortress Research Group in helping investors become successful and help foreign nations in times of financial crisis.