OSI Group: Giving Modern Technology a Place in the Food Processing Industry

Over the years, OSI Group is consistently committed to ensuring that their customers are satisfied. OSI started as a family-owned butcher shop serving Chicago neighborhoods in 1909, under the name Otto & Sons Ltd. Since then, they have grown into one of the largest brands in food provision all around the globe. It has its current headquarters located in Aurora, Illinois.

OSI takes pride in a highly skilled team of over 20,000 employees who work tirelessly in offering customers excellent services. It has 65 functional facilities under its management, operating in 17 different countries globally.

The entry of Sheldon Lavin as the Chair and CEO in the organization back in 1980 saw OSI through its major breakthroughs. Among them is when the organization was contracted by the McDonald’s as a major supplier of meat products to their first chain of restaurants. Lavin used his skills and vast experience in investments and the banking sector to lead OSI into a series of substantial growth. Through his efforts, OSI emerged as one of the premier companies in the U.S, ranking at position 58 in the 2006 Forbes listing of the largest private companies.

During the past two years, OSI Group under the leadership of leaders like Sheldon Lavin and David McDonald has been actively involved in the international expansion. It has successfully purchased the Chicago based food processing plant and storage warehouse owned by Tyson Foods. This is a great addition to OSI future growth plans. Besides, the facility will effectively enhance the operations of the organization in meeting the rapidly changing needs of its customers.

Furthermore, OSI bought a significant stock in Baho Foods in a bid to expand its European market. It also purchased the Creative Foods Europe in U.K.

OSI majorly bases its innovations strategies on research and development techniques. It relies on the cutting-edge technology which involves cryogenic food processing. Most recently, the organization has established two magnificent Culinary Innovation Centers which perfectly blends the modern technology and food security and safety for consumption. OSI growth efforts are also keen on environmental sustainability. For this reason, OSI Group has won various prestigious awards for their concern on environmental conservation.

Therefore, the rise of OSI Group from a humble beginning into a world-class corporate business cannot go unnoticed in the modern era. The organization sets a good example for the upcoming startups. OSI still seeks sustainable strategies in a bid to remain relevant to its customers as well as keeping up with the changing trends in the industry.