Organo “Fools” Gold?

Prior to watching this video presentation by Rod Smith, aimed towards Organo Gold’s Diamond members, I had never heard of this product. After watching the video, I wanted to learn more about this business and the products they sell. Read more at about Organo Gold.

Smith’s business and product presentation entitled “3 Key Ingredients to Business Growth” focused on providing those that are a part of this affiliate marketing group tools to maximize their income selling Organo Gold. Smith’s “Key Ingredients” were not new to me, being one in the sales profession, but his presentation was engaging and motivating. By using the three keys in the order of hook, storytelling, and offer, Mr. Smith laid out an amazing plan of success. By using your own success with the product, listening to what the customer wants, and tailoring your hook, success stories, and offer to those wants, you are guaranteed success. Follow Organo Gold on

I did not learn much about the products themselves on this video. The company has been in existence for ten years. They started with a coffee that asserted increased energy and health benefits, through anecdotal stories as no medical claims were made. And in 2016 they expanded their product line to shakes, supplements and the like. Organo Gold is a company worth giving a closer look.