Meet Marwan Kheireddine: A Young Entrepreneur Who Is Changing The Face Of Business In Lebanon

It’s not every day you come across a young entrepreneur like Marwan Kheireddine. Kheireddine is changing the face of business in Lebanon, and he shows no signs of slowing down. At just 25 years old, Kheireddine has founded several successful businesses, including an advertising agency, a digital marketing firm, and a web development company. He also teaches entrepreneurship at the Lebanese American University.

What makes Kheireddine so special? His companies are all founded on the foundation of social entrepreneurship. Social entrepreneurship is a term used to describe businesses designed specifically with profit in mind, but also have an emphasis on making positive changes to people’s lives and communities through business practices. Kheireddine teaches his employees that every choice they make should be with an eye towards how it will affect the community around them. Kheireddine’s vision of social entrepreneurship, and his drive to help other young entrepreneurs get involved in changing small businesses, is what led him to start Babson Middle East.

Babson Middle East is a network of social entrepreneurs in the Middle East. It connects young people to mentors, startup funds, and each other through networking opportunities with some of the region’s most seasoned entrepreneurs. Babson Middle East has over 1,000 members across Lebanon.

Babson Middle East was launched on February 28th at the Beirut Digital District (BDD). BDD is one of the biggest business districts in Lebanon, and Kheireddine saw it as the perfect space for his new program. The first month of Babson Middle East is dedicated to providing assistance to entrepreneurs that are looking to start-up small businesses. Founders of successful ventures will be brought into the BDD to share their knowledge with “newbies” in the field. The University of Beirut will also be hosting information sessions for Babson Middle East, to make sure that entrepreneurs have access to all the latest sources and trends in business and technology. Read more by visiting at

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