Meet Dr. Dov Rand, leading elites in medical rehabilitation

Today, a larger percentage of the population is more aware and sensitized to the healthcare decisions that they make. Medical technology is progressing every day, and new inventions are inspiring more patient-friendly techniques. Doctors who do not adhere to these practices are finding themselves in an uncomfortable position because patients are significantly aware of what they expect. Medical specialties such as physical medicine and rehabilitation have attracted the best medical practitioners because of their critical demand in the modern world. As a result, many physicians have cropped up but, it is only the best that have lived to see the light of the day.


Dr. Dov Rand is one of the top physicians who practice physical medicine and rehabilitation. Dr. Dov has gained massive recommendations among peers and patients for his unique hormone therapy treatment technique. This has set him apart from the many practitioners who utilize synthetic and prescription medicine in their practices.


Consequently Dr. Dov Rand through his Healthy Aging Medical Centers has provided solutions to thousands of patients who have sought for his top-notch treatment plans.

Dr. Dov Rand has directed all of his efforts to help patients cope with the many health effects that are associated with the aging process. He has established treatment plans that aim at aiding his patients to achieve the optimum healthy aging. In his quest to curb and calm down the effects of aging complications such as low libido, anxiety, and depression, Dr. Rand has engineered a smart treatment plan. His plan heavily banks on educating his patients to adopt a healthy lifestyle.


Rand believes in customized treatment plans for each patient and it the reason he offers individualized care. According to Dr. Dov patients can achieve a healthy lifestyle through, healthy eating, physical exercises for cardiovascular training, high-quality supplements, yoga and martial arts. Patients, who subscribe to his advice, are bound to have healthy aging and avoid the age-related complications which are a thorn in the flesh.


More about Dr. Dov Rand


Dr. Rand serves as the medical director and founder of the Healthy Aging Medical Centers. His clinics have been identified as the leader in anti-aging medical treatment plans. Dr. Dov Rand has gained recognition for his adherence to the highest professionalism in his practice. The good doctor says that he only prescribes treatment plans that are well researched, peer-reviewed and scientifically tested and proven.