Marc Sparks a Mentor to Many Young Entrepreneurs

Marc Sparks is one of the most iconic entrepreneurs who has seen it all in business. Sparks has been involved in dozens of some of which have succeeded while others have failed miserably. Sparks has over thirty-four years worth of experience and has decided to transfer his skills and knowledge by writing a book that will act as a guide to those aspiring to be future entrepreneurs and those that are already in the business of entrepreneurship. Sparks owed his successes to God having been born from a humble background and did not perform well while at school. However, despite his shortcomings, Sparks has been able to build and sell hundreds of millions of dollars worth of products and companies and has built himself a name as one of the most outstanding entrepreneurs to have ever existed in this world.

Marc Sparks has the ability to see opportunities where no one can see them. He has utilized this unique ability in maintaining a handful of portfolio companies under his private equity firm Timber Creek Capital, LP. Timber Creek is a firm that specializes in turning entrepreneur’s ideas and dreams into reality. Timber Creek has an office in Dallas, Texas that helps provides clients with the necessary capital, office space, equipment, banking, merchant banking, marketing, networking, legal services, accounting services and support staff among others. All these services are meant to help a business navigate from inception to fruition.

Apart from being an Entrepreneur Marc is also an Author and has written many books. One of the books that stand out is the book ‘They Can’t Eat You‘ which Marc shares all his life experiences both good and bad. According to Marc readers of the book are bound to learn more from his unsuccessful ventures unlike on his successful ones. Marc says that he wrote the book after being convinced by his colleagues and wants the book to be a blessing to others. The book is intended for those entrepreneurs that are losing hope in establishing businesses.

Outside business Marc is also a philanthropist and has the passion for helping others. He supports a homeless shelter in Texas known as The Samaritan Inn. Marc has been involved in the life-saving charity work since the late eighties. The shelter house about 160 residents a night and the average stay is up to five months. The program has been quite a success and has helped many people in the community get back on their feet.

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