Marathon Pharmaceuticals is a company that deals with the clinical production of drugs and administration of treatments for rare diseases and deals with patients who have no option especially those affected with rare neurological and movement disorders. The company was founded in 2008 by Robert Altman, with its main base located in Northbrook, Illinois.


Among Marathon Pharmaceutical’s key members are Babar Ghias, Jordan Dubow, Joseph Nolan and Robert Altman, the founder. Babar is the Chief Financial Officer, a position he had held since 2015, before which he was the Vice President for Corporate Development in Marathon since 2014. His responsibility is finding business development opportunities, financial strategy, structuring of deals and managing the company’s capital structure. Joseph has been Chief Commercial Officer since 2015 while Dr. Jordan Dubow has been Marathon’s Chief Medical Officer and Clinical and Medical Affairs Vice President.


Marathon Pharmaceuticals has drugs that help curb diseases for the heart, blood pressure, ulcers, diarrhea, and insomnia. Belsomla, for example, is one of the drugs that Marathon Pharmaceuticals produces to deal with insomnia. They describe it as a precipitation medicine that helps adults with sleeping problems by targeting orexin’s action. The drug inhibits orexin, the main reason behind one’s wakefulness and prevent the neurotransmitters from working when one needs to sleep.


Marathon Pharmaceuticals has recommended the use of Purity’s Blood Pressure Support Kit to help people with blood pressure issues. The kit is supposed to help the affected by combining plant sterols, which are found in Cardio BP-C, with vitamins C and D. The formula is helpful in that not only does it regulate the cholesterol levels in a person, it also controls their blood pressure so that they can fall in the normal rage. The blood pressure is supported by MegaNatural-BP Grape seed extract, while the cholesterol is regulated by the plant sterols. These two are the main ingredients for the Cardio BP-C formula.There are numerous other drugs that Marathon Pharmaceuticals has suggested to the people affected by such rare diseases that are affecting people in the US, which falls to about 20,000 people in the country.

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