Madison Street Capital’s Management Team Secures a New Talent

Madison Street Capital is a trendsetter in the US’ investment marketing sector. It boasts of a dedicated team of experts who offer critical investment services like bankruptcy services, ESOP advisory, business valuation, and financial reporting.

In August, the investment banking service provider appointed Lawrence Alioto as its new managing director. Speaking after the announcement, Madison’s CEO said that Mr. Alioto would bring in his proficiency in business development, government affairs, as well as managing corporates.

In particular, Mr. Alioto will help Madison’s tech clients who require an expert’s input while making Mergers& Acquisitions, as well as conducting crucial corporate finance dealings.


Who is Lawrence Alioto?

Lawrence Alioto is a trained Economist. He joined the University of Southern California whereby he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Economics. After his graduation, Mr. Alioto started trading on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

After ten years Lawrence quit trading on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, and in the same year, Swinglab admitted him to its executive team. He was in charge of the company’s sales and marketing.

In 2004, Lawrence Alioto started working as an administrator in VeriTainer Corporation, a company that develops gamma detection systems used in ports, and maritime environments. Still, Mr. Alioto serves as the corporation’s senior adviser.

In 2014, Alioto was appointed as the CEO of HandyTizer, a healthcare organization that promotes hand sanitation. Under the leadership of Mr. Alioto, the company developed a sanitizer applicator that improved hygiene compliance rates. He served the company till December 2017.


Madison Street Capital, a Chicago-based investment banking company, hired him in August 2018. The award-winning firm boasts of a gifted team of experts who offer professional financial advisory services to public and privately owned companies. It serves the United States, Asia, and Africa

For the period it has been functioning in the financial industry, Madison Street has won multiple honors for its first-rate services. In 2016, it was the winner of the Emerging Leaders Awards and the M&A Advisor Awards.


In 2017, the investment banking service provider garnered M&A Adviser’s debt financing deal of the year, restructuring deal of the year, and the M&A deal of the year awards.

The methodology that Madison Street Capital implements shows valuable expertise and tremendous experience in the entire areas of corporate finance, incorporating mergers and acquisition, specialized financings, marketing pricing, and due diligence, structuring deals, valuation, in conjunction with design and implementation of alternative exit methodologies. Madison Street Capital has engaged in assisting their clients in hundreds of industry verticals on how to accomplish their goals and objectives over the years promptly. Their incredible understanding and vast experience in areas that relate to corporate leadership and corporate finance are one of the primary reasons why they are the best provider on financial advisory services, valuation, and M&A. They have offices in Africa, North America, and Asia.

Madison Street Capital reputation is an incredible rise in the corporate finance industry.


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