Madison Street Capital Steps in as an Exclusive Financial Advisor to Napoleon Machine

Napoleon Machine is a company that was founded in 2010 by Paul Schlatter. A year later, Kevin Febrey joined the company to serve as the president and also to be in charge of its daily operations. Paul and Febrey bring a unique combination to their company because of their background.


Febrey by trade is a mold maker armed with extensive knowledge of lean manufacturing and high-performance machining. Febrey has worked in several industries which include industries in gauges, stamping dies, machine building, general machining, and fixtures. He has a degree in operations management from the University of Toronto and also graduated from the University of Toledo with an MBA.


On the other hand, Paul has immense knowledge from the metal industry, after holding various positions in the management levels of organizations. He is a graduate from Hillside College where he completed his undergraduate degree in economics, and he also holds an MBA from the University of Toledo.


Napoleon Machine selects Madison Street as its Financial Advisor


Paul and Ken were happy to select Madison Street Capital (MSC) as the company’s financial advisor when it was adding to its assets a credit facility it was getting from Sterling Commercial Credit. The MSC was pleased to be part of the growth aspect of Napoleon Machine because the credit facility was going to help Napoleon access four times its working capital, for it to expand its manufacturing to satisfy the needs of its clients.


One of the primary reasons as to why Madison Street Capital was selected was because the investment form understood the culture and the story of Napoleon Machine. MSC was also able to communicate the merits of the credit facility opportunity. MSC also understood the capital needs of the machine industry and presented options that allow the company to borrow more working capital to spur growth.


Napoleon is a company that offers the following kinds of services to its clients: light assembly, painting, precision machining and metal fabricating that is customized. The type of clients that Napoleon offers its services too cut across various industries, from mining, construction, military, maritime, glass making, machinery manufacturing, chemicals, transportation, semiconductor, and robotics.


Among the products that Napoleon Machine manufactures includes hoppers, heat exchangers, pump frames, centrifugal frames, oil pump frames, machine boxes, crowns, gearboxes, and conveyors. These products are made according to the customer’s specification, ranging from 200 pounds to 60,000 pounds.


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