Logistics Entrepreneur Perry Mandera

Perry Mandera is the chief executive officer and founder of a logistics company known as The Custom Companies. His business is one of the leading providers of transportation and logistics in Illinois and the rest of the United States. Since 1976, Mandera has worked in the field of logistics that specialized in meeting the shipping needs of many customers. With over forty years of experience in the logistics industry, Perry has firmly established himself as one of the top entrepreneurs in this particular field.


Prior to starting up his logistics business, Perry Mandera spent time in the military. For a number of years he served in the United States Marine Corps. During his stint in the Marines, Perry was assigned to transport supplies to fellow troops. With this particular experience, Mandera was able to learn the logistics field and gain proficiency at it. This would allow him to eventually start up a business. While the Marines provided Perry with initial experience in his future career field, he has often said that spending time with his fellow troops was the most fulfilling experience he had while serving. Mandera stated that being with the troops allowed him to develop a social bond with a number of people. This aspect of his experience in the Marines is what he has valued the most.


After serving in the Marines, Perry Mandera looked to get involved in his community. In order to achieve this goal, Mandera ran for public office in the year 1984. He ran for and was elected as the Republican Ward Committeeman for the 26th ward in Chicago. Perry served one four year term which allowed him to become the youngest Republican Ward Committeeman to ever serve in the city of Chicago. While he was in office, he was able to help a number of people in his community.


While he has been a very successful entrepreneur, Perry Mandera has devoted a part of his life to community service. As well as being involved in politics, he has also been involved with a number of charitable activities. Over the years, he has donated resources and time to help many people in need. He has helped children with a number of financial donations as well as transportation and clothes. With his philanthropic activities, Perry has been a contributing member of his community.