Jose Hawilla, Super Successful Entrepreneur of Brazil’s Traffic Group

Entrepreneurship is not for everyone. However, for those who are interested in being in business for yourselves, then you know the feeling that will not easily die, if ever. The desire to be your own boss, and not punch in the clock for anyone else but yourself. A drive that will not allow you to sleep at night. You sit up late, and exhausted, but never giving up. That stubborn streak will not allow you to take “No” for an answer.

Therefore, if you have gone through any of these emotions or felt that burning desire deep in your gut, then you are not alone. You are an entrepreneur at heart. For those who fall into this quadrant than you are a part of a select group of individuals. Entrepreneurs need to be in control of their own life, for a number of reasons. One is a need to take care of their family. Second, their need for independence is key to what drives them.

So, just like entrepreneurs today, a very successful entrepreneur is Hawilla the owner and founder of Brazil’s Traffic Group (a multi-international sports marketing conglomerate). Jose Hawilla was born in Sao Jose do Rio Preto. He started out as a sports journalist and for ten years, he worked as a radio and television reporter. Jose Hawilla worked in a few different fields and graduated from Law school before he started Traffic Group in 1980. Check out abril to see more.

Ultimately, Traffic Group was a small company that sold ads for bus stops before Hawilla grew the company into a major marketing corporation. It is one of the largest sports marketing business in Brazil. He is also the owner of Rede Globo affiliates, an influential network of newspapers in Sao Paulo. Jose Hawilla is a great example of what hard work, passion, and drive will accomplish. To become a successful entrepreneur, hard work and determination is the key, just as Jose Hawilla has achieved in his own life. You can visit educacaofisica for more

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