Jeffrey Aronin Met an Epileptic and a Porphyria Victim and Touched Their Lives Forever in a positive way

Imagine being a woman that has endured labour, faces menstrual pain each month, mothers a daughter and a wife and on top of this all, a silent disease eats at you. You wail and death seems to knock at your doorstep regularly, yet doctors cannot point the source of your agony. Hospital becomes a constant friend you can only wish away.

Now shift the same image to a four-year-old whose friends have only two worries in the world. Getting sweet food and for how long they can play without falling into slumber. The four-year-old knows he has more significant concerns but does not understand them. He experiences more than fifty attacks every single day.


These are the two stories of Desiree Lyon suffering from Porphyria and Philip Junior, a tot suffering from Epilepsy, which is hard enough for adults let alone children. Their stories have a happy ending because of the dedicated man in a white coat, named Jeffrey Aronin.


Touched by an Angel


Jeffrey Aronin rescued little Philip after years of anguish and two brain surgeries by a pure business sense. His company, Ovation Pharmaceuticals has chosen the ignored path to bring to America a drug that would change the lives of people with epilepsy like magic. While businesses, opted out of the struggle for the drug, Aronin fought until it was allowed into the US market and the little boy got his healing.


For Desiree, meeting Jeffrey Aronin was the last hope, the one which one tries because they have nothing more to lose. Desiree found her saving grace when Aronin and his then company Ovation Pharmaceuticals partnered with a foundation for Porphyria patients by bringing the Panhematin drug, to end the suffering of victims that share the cross carried by Desiree for what felt like a lifetime of constant torture.

More about Jeffrey Aronin


Jeffrey is a director at the Epilepsy Foundation. He once ran Ovation Pharmaceuticals, and today Aronin is the CEO of Paragon Biosciences. His unique combination of courage, selflessness and impeccable business sense has moulded him into a leader and saviour of people diagnosed with rare conditions in America.