Jeff Aronin and the Advancements of Paragon Sciences

Paragon Biosciences is the creation of Jeff Aronin. Paragon Biosciences aims to improve the lives of patients by focusing on diseases with under-developed treatments. Jeff Aronin and Paragon Biosciences is working to find cures and treatments for diseases that have been neglected for years.


Aronin’s company’s business model consists of supporting labs and other companies that are intent on making groundbreaking research but don’t have the resources to match their ambition. Paragon Biosciences doesn’t only fund labs, but, thanks to Aronin’s expertise in biosciences, Paragon is able to offer strategic assistance as well. In fact, Jeff Aronin has over 30 years of experience in the biotechnology and medical industries.


After cutting his teeth in the medical industry for 20 years, Aronin founded his own company called Ovation Pharmaceuticals. However, the company was sold to a Danish company called Lundbeck in 2009. Aronin stayed on board, acting as CEO during the merger process.


Paragon is able to create medicine and treatments at such a fast pace because they have an effective process to determine the likelihood of positive things coming from particular research. The company begins by identifying diseases that have little treatment available. Paragon then creates or funds companies to focus on research relating to this disease. So far, Paragon has brought 13 new FDA approved treatments and medication to market.


Several companies have been founded by Paragon during the short time it has existed. Castle Creek, Precision BP, and Harmony Biosciences are only three of the companies created by Jeff Aronin, through Paragon, in order to expand the medical industry.


Paragon has been recognized and honored on quite a few occasions for its discoveries in the medical field. One such occasion was when Harmony Biosciences, one of the subsidiaries of Paragon, was given the Deal of the Year award by Life Sciences Pennsylvania. The award was given to Harmony Biosciences when they took an innovative sleep disorder medication to market.