Jason Hope – Internet of Things Super Evangelist

Flashback 10 years ago and smartphones were just starting to really hit the mainstream consumer market. Many houses still had a cable subscription. To go further, most, if not all houses, required you to physically go to your thermostat to change the temperature. The idea of smart, WiFi capable thermostats is just one of many that have sprung out of the development of the Internet of Things. Jason Hope sees the Internet of Things as one of the greatest advancements in technology and has been a big believer in it since day one. More about of Jason Hope at City Scene.

While IoT provides the capability for many convenience features such as WiFi garage door openers and wireless doorbells, there are also real-world applications for IoT that serve a bigger purpose. These applications are why Jason Hope is such a large supporter of IoT. For example, IoT can allow cities and large building complexes to connect all their systems together to monitor them and constantly check for inefficiencies. Cities could also use IoT to monitor traffic and accident data to potentially make roads safer. With all these capabilities, Jason Hope can safely guess that the Internet of Things will be the largest investment for companies in the years to come.

It is likely that there are humanitarian uses for the Internet of Things. A lot of the work Jason Hope does involves technological research and development. However, he is also a strong philanthropist and aims to improve human welfare and make people’s lives easier through gadgets and software. The IoT will be a big aid in making this effort a success. One can only guess what the next tech movement will be, but Jason Hope will be busy supporting the next generation of tech entrepreneurs. He has already given grants to college students looking to get their first idea off the ground. Whatever the next breakthrough is, we can thank Mr. Hope for supporting technology so much.

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