InnovaCare Health: Delivering Reliable Health Services

Rick Shinto is an entrepreneur who managed to transform the condition of healthcare services in Puerto Rico. He is credited as the founder of InnovaCare Health, where he currently serves as the company’s chief executive officer. He is also serving as the company’s president, overseeing the operations and other activities within the company. Rick Shinto said that it is his dream to provide quality healthcare services to the people of Puerto Rico, and now that his company is well-known throughout the island, he thinks that the next step would be innovating the health care services provided by his company to elevate the people’s well-being.



The company is responsible for giving health care services to the locals living in Puerto Rico, and through several developments under the leadership of Rick Shinto, the company soon became able to process claims from Medicare and Medicaid, giving the population more choices when it comes to their healthcare needs. To ensure that quality services will be provided to the people, Rick Shinto opened several executive positions within the company. Penelope Kokkinides is one of those who was hired by Rick Shinto, and she currently holds the position as the InnovaCare Health’s chief operating officer. Her tasks include the improvement of health care services offered by the company, and at the same time, making sure that a lot of people will benefit from their services. To see more you can checkout



Penelope Kokkinides also played a major role in developing the island’s health care system after she flew to Washington D.C. to speak with the Federal Government, and President Donald Trump himself. She explained that the territory needs the assistance from the Federal Government because the local debt keeps on increasing, and people are starting to feel the effects partly because of the increasing prices for medical care. President Donald Trump said that the Federal Government would look into this matter, and they will do everything to help Puerto Rico’s medical woes. For more info you can checkout



Back in the territory, Rick Shinto continues to do the best that he can to keep on providing the public with affordable healthcare. He is also advising everyone working for the InnovaCare Health to keep a positive character, for them to be able to face the challenges ahead. For Rick Shinto, displaying a positive character would help the company gain more clients, and it would also attract more investors to partner and work with them in delivering an affordable and effective health care system to the people of Puerto Rico.