Immensa – AM in Energy Sector and its Usefulness

IMMENSa is a for-profit, global clean tech and renewable energy company. We invest in technologies that create a cleaner and more sustainable world. The aim is to be the world’s leading provider of technology solutions for the energy sector by accelerating the global shift to a low-carbon future.

It is an impact investment company, and we measure our social performance with the Social Return on Investment (SROI) approach. They are the only company to have received a four-star SROI score and rank in the top 25 of all SROI-rated companies.

They have been chartered by The Chartered Association for the Management of Environmental Resources in recognition of our commitment to enhancing business through social impact. This empowers to be more engaged with the business community and serves as a platform to enhance the visibility of social impact investing.

Innovation is at the core of everything they do; they help companies and investors maximize their NPV by creating value by increasing revenue and reducing costs, risks, and externalities. It delivers innovative solutions that impact multiple levels; social, environmental, and financial.

They are a unique and trusted partner for technology, business, government, and community and have the largest portfolio of energy technology companies worldwide, working with many global investors active in their sectors.

IMMENSa is a global company with extensive experience across the energy technology sector. They are supported by an experienced team of over hundreds of experienced professionals in research and development (R&D), operations, finance, trading, and industry experts. They have access to over $ billion through their network of investors and clients.

IMMENSa is a unique partnership platform in the cloud industry, and they are currently partnered with the largest investment banks, IT companies, major energy companies, manufacturers, consulting firms, and governments.

IMMENSa partners help investors secure a higher return on their investments in cleaner technology by accelerating the global shift to a low-carbon future.

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