Igor Cornelsen’s Impressive Career

Igor Cornelsen established himself as a renowned real estate investor in Brazil where he hails from. Even after calling it a day in his largely successful career, his influence is still evident in the industry. Entrepreneurs looking to grow their brand have sought his advice on numerous occasions. He believes that with the right foundation of knowledge anyone can enjoy great success as an investor.


He joined the Federal University of Parana in 1965 and was admitted as an engineering student. He switched gears and opted to major in economics. This move proved worthwhile as he went on to make a great impact in the banking and investment sectors.


Multibanco gave him the first shot in the world of investment. Two years after joining the investment management firm he was made the chief executive officer. The appointment highlighted his efficiency in service delivery. When the Bank of America acquired the firm in 1978, he moved on to Unibanco where he honed his skills in the industry as he looked to go out on his own.

He enjoyed a successful stint at Libra Bank PLC, the former London Merchant Bank, before joining the Standard Chartered Merchant Bank. Igor Cornelsen served them for seven years and eventually established Bainbridge Investments in 1995. The Bahamas based firm is still a force to reckon with in the banking industry even after he left to pave way for budding entrepreneurs.

He insists that investors should always look out for profitable opportunities if they are to make headways in their endeavors. He also prefers low-risk investment options. Although investors hardly put their money in damaged stocks, Igor Cornelsen believes that they are far much better than damaged companies.

Any investor who can rack up additional assets in the formative years of their career lines themselves up for success according to the seasoned investor. Igor Cornelsen left a lasting legacy that entrepreneurs can look at for inspiration.