Hussain Sajwani Builds A Luxury Real Estate Empire In The Middle East And Beyond

DAMAC Properties has long been at the heart of the development of the luxury real estate industry in Dubai within the United Arab Emirates where the owner of the company, Hussain Sajwani saw the potential of the desert state. The DAMAC Properties brand has a long history of creating the most opulent properties dating back to the establishment of the company in 2002; the Damac owner took advantage of a change in rules allowing the ownership of luxury real estate property by foreign nationals which was made by the government of the United Arab Emirates to increase the potential of the state as more than an oil and gas exploration nation.


The range of partnerships the DAMAC Properties brand has developed over the last few years have included the branding of the first development in the U.K. capital of London, AYKON London One given the Versace brand name. In the UAE, the major partnership deal signed by Hussain Sajwani’s DAMAC Properties group has been with the Trump organization which has seen the sponsorship of two golf based resorts in and around Dubai; the Dubailand-based DAMAC Hills resort is a major part of the latest success of the property group which has been building the success of its brand alongside that of the long-established Trump group.


The DAMAC Hills group has been at the top of the luxury real estate development sector since it was opened early in 2017 by key members of the Trump family who revealed a golf course designed by esteemed golfing legend Tiger Woods. The creation of the Trump International Golf Club Dubai within the DAMAC Hills complex has been recognized by a range of trade bodies for its high quality and received a range of awards for the success of the resort including being named “The Best Golf Development In The World” at London’s International Property Awards.


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