How Yanni Hufnagel Created Lemon Perfect

Yanni HufnagelLemon Perfect is a healthy and zesty drink for individuals who want to care for their bodies. The beverage company was launched in the American market after Yanni Hufnagel, its founder, had an unappetizing experience. Yanni was strictly following a nutrition protocol from a ketogenic book. The special diet required all participants to drink lemon-infused water on an empty stomach in the morning. Every participant in the ketogenic diet had to take time to squeeze an organic lemon into a glass of water. The process was not enjoyable, but everyone saw incredible results after taking the lemon-infused water. Despite the tartness of the process, Yanni Hufnagel adopted the routine. However, this part of the morning was not enjoyable to the former coach. In one interview, the businessman says he hated that part of the morning. While working hard to get the morning drink, Yanni realized the American community needed a better and more effective delivery system for lemon drinks. Organic lemon, according to Yanni, has numerous benefits for the body. Due to the sour taste of the fruit, however, many people don’t like it. The few individuals taking lemon juice need sweeteners. When these sweeteners are added to the drink, the calories increase.

Yanni HufnagelWhile working on solving the challenge in the beverage industry, Yanni Hufnagel made a discovery. Many players in his team were drinking vitamin water. Some players had Bai in their lockers too. These enhanced water drinks made the players feel better after a serious workout. Yanni realized he could offer a healthy solution to the players and everyone living in America using organic lemons. In 2017, the basketball coach began creating his beverage company. The new entrepreneur ensured people had access to a five-calorie drink with zero sugar. The lemon-infused drink is what everyone needs. Besides having numerous benefits to the body, lemon water has a great flavor. Creating a new business was not easy for the American coach. After being in the sports industry for a while, however, Yanni had a great network of friends. When these people realized that Yanni had created a new business, they offered to support him. The fans made the lemon beverage part of their daily routine. The health benefits were visible in all clients.


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