How Neurocore Helps Athletes Mentally Train

More and more athletes today are becoming clients of Neurocore, including the entire Portland Trailblazers team. They use Neurocore’s brain mapping and neurofeedback tech in order to be better prepared mentally to do well on the court. This company uses qEEG tech which involves putting electrodes down on top of the head which can then map and monitor brain activity. qEEG can read how rapidly neurons are fired as well as the brain’s frequency level. When the players, or any other client, watch a movie while wearing these monitors the movie will pause whenever they stop concentrating on it. Over time this trains the brain to function at its most advantageous level of activity using positive reinforcement. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

The athletes, or any other client of Neurocore, have their brains able to better focus during stressful times. It also helps people when they are relaxing as they can be calmer. Beyond using Neurocore to improve their brains, they also use other techniques to be able to better handle the mental side of their respective sports. This includes deep breathing techniques. They also learn to control their thoughts when things get stressful so that they can better react. Another way they train, surprisingly enough, is by using ballet as one of their cross training techniques. They learn to better balance their bodies plus increase flexibility and gain additional benefits. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Football players, meanwhile, have started to add juggling while they are conducting field drills. This teaches them how to concentrate better while doing multiple activities simultaneously. It is during the footwork drills that they juggle. They also do controlled breathing during this time which both relieves stress and helps people concentrate better on what they are doing.

The team at Neurocore says that most people don’t think of their brains as something that needs a regular workout just like any organ does. When engaging in a brain workout at a Brain Performance Center the client gets to pick out what movie they will be watching during their session. The goal is to maintain a neutral response to what is going on in the movie. Anytime things go too far one way or the other in the client’s brain the movie automatically pauses until neutrality is once again attained. It takes about 20 hours of this type of training to see the best results, they say. Neurocore recommends patients do this two or three times per week until the therapy is completed.