Gareth Henry: The Client-Centered Investor

Gareth Henry is not the mathematician you would expect. As the holder of a degree in actuarial mathematics from the University of Edinburgh, Henry might be expected to be the shy unassuming type that comes to mind when imagining the typical math fanatic. Lucky for him and his investors, Henry is much more than just a math professional.

Henry began his career as the Director of Strategic Solutions for Schroders plc, a British multinational asset management company. After excelling there, he quickly moved up to bigger and more advanced positions. When asked how he was able to move outside the normal career path for actuarial mathematicians Henry explains that his success is based in the fact that he enjoys communicating with his colleagues and clients which has opened many doors for him. Visit to read more about Gareth Henry.

Moving on from Schroders, Gareth Henry began working for Fortress Investment Group, an investment giant based out of New York City. In his position as a managing director Henry was able to raise substantial capital across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Using a unique of mix of his love of math and economics combined with his attention to excellent customers service, Henry gained respect and trust among both colleagues and clients.

The work he was able to do for Fortress earned Gareth Henry so much notoriety that his next job offer was for that of a full partnership in the Angelo Gordon corporation. Angelo Gordon is an American company that manages more than $27 billion in assets. Although the move to make Henry a partner was somewhat unorthodox, the president of Angelo Gordon, Lawrence Schloss, knew that they would be making a good investment in adding Gareth Henry to their team.

Perpetual motion is the not-so-well- kept secret to Henry’s success. He believes that if you are truly passionate about your work that you should put as much time and energy into it as you can. He also holds firmly to the policy that the only way he can help his clients is if he has a full understanding of them and their needs. This kind of dedication to his work and clients has certainly paid off, both in building his reputation and business following. With this thought in mind, Henry has decided to start his own investment company as a way to better assist his clients. Henry shows both through his customer service and investment prowess, that determination and dedication truly are everything.