Fabletics Built Its Business On Customer Reviews, And So Far It’s Been Such A Success

With the advent of the internet, most businesses have been able to get access to broader markets that circumvent geographical boundaries. The internet keeps driving today’s economy. Today, Businesses that fail to take advantage of the opportunity that has been brought about by the web risk being swept into oblivion.


Some of the benefits that the internet has gifted businesses with including the access to wider markets, access to big data and improved customer feedback, for instance, reviews Some of the companies that have made it big in the online space include Amazon. The e-commerce giants account for more than 20 percent of the total sales in the fashion industry.


Fabletics is an athleisure wear company that has risen to disrupt the monopoly that Amazon has enjoyed for quite some time. The enterprise was started in the year 2013 by Kate Hudson and partners with the internet as the main delivery channel for its services and products. For the past three years that the company has been in operation, its revenues have grown by leaps and bounds to make it one of the biggest competitor to Amazon as women athletic apparel is concerned.


The growth of Fabletics has been informed by the increasing number of women who are looking for functional active wear that still looks trendy and coordinated. Fabletics’ entry into the fashion industry has been characterized by extensive use of crowd-sourced reviews and big data.


The process of achieving a sale at Fabletics is interesting and convenient at the same time. Clients sign up to be members of the enterprise through the company’s website or mobile application. Each membership attracts a monthly subscription fee that also ensures that each member gets recommendations of the best apparel of the month. The customers can then visit any Fabletics’ physical store to make sure that their measurements are taken. These specifications are then stored and used for subsequent purchases by the customers.


This approach to business has enabled Fabletics to override the traditional techniques that required companies to employ sales associates who could talk consumers into making a particular purchase decision. Coupled with the reliance on customer reviews, Fabletics has managed to achieve products and services that are an accurate reflection of what the customers want.


From her role in “Almost Famous”, Kate Hudson has achieved great success and recognition with Fabletics. When she decided to partner with other business leaders, she never knew Fabletics would record the success it has. But it was expected given the revolutionary ideas that were implemented.