Doe Deere Faced Many Struggles In Her Early Years

When she was a young girl in Russia, Doe Deere dreamed of coming to the United States. She pictured what it would be like, but when she moved there at seventeen, it was different than she had imagined. New York City was larger than she had thought that it would feel, and she and her mother and sister struggled to stay afloat. She took a job walking dogs and taking care of people’s cats, and her mom started cleaning apartments, but it wasn’t enough to keep them in their own place.

Not long after they moved to the United States, Doe Deere and her family ended up in a homeless shelter. But, that is where things began to turn around for them, as Doe Deere began making sketches of the designs that she wanted to create, and they became connected with a nonprofit that helped her and her sister get into college. She kept dreaming, and in 2008, she took a big chance by starting her own makeup brand. She created colorful products that were different than those sold from any other brand with the hope that they would inspire women to do more with their makeup.

Lime Crime has become a huge success, and Doe Deere is not only the entrepreneur of that brand, but she also started Poppyangeloff, which is a clothing brand. She and her family took a risk in coming to the United States, and there was a time when they thought that they would have to go back to Russia. But, she believes that if they hadn’t come, she never would have realized her potential. She has been able to be an entrepreneur because of all of the opportunities in America for immigrants like her, and she wants to encourage others like her and women around the world to believe that they can do anything.