Dick DeVos And His Impact On Culture Around Him

The DeVos family headed by Dick DeVos has had a lot of influence on their local community for a very long time. They have made significant donations to the institutions that they believe in, and they have also fought for causes that matter to them. Most people took notice in 1991 when the couple started to campaign against the multi-sports facility that the city of Grand Rapids wanted to put up in the town.


Who could be opposed to a multi-sports facility? A person who cares about the future of their city is who. Dick and Betsy DeVos had seen when a similar project done in Detroit had let to urban decline in that city. They did not want to see the same thing to happen in their precious Grand Rapids. As such, the couple were ready to lobby against it as hard as they could. That is exactly what they did as it turns out.


Pulling strings is not that hard when you are on your way to being the CEO of Amway Inc, a family company that has been headed by DeVos family members for a long time. It has made the family incredibly wealth and has helped them to have the ability to pull strings when they need to get something done. The battle that they took on with this particular fight was one that provided lessons to them that they would not soon forget.


Instead of going with the multi-sports facility, the family has made sure to change the landscape of Grand Rapids in other ways. They helped get many of the buildings that are built in Grand Rapids. They have helped to shape that entire city into what it is today, and we have them to thank for that. It is to their credit that these are part of what Grand Rapids is today. Many say that if it were not for their efforts that the city would have been lost to suburban sprawl.


It is incredible to think that we have to consider the wealthy donors behind a number of different projects all throughout the world. It is not possible for us to know what cities would look like without the influence of certain things, but we can definitely know that they are different as a result of these influencers.


The family has been hard at work on different projects since that time as well. They know that their influence can continue to grow throughout the years as it has already. The two of them are hard at work building out the next chapters of their life in Grand Rapids. Betsy DeVos is actually in Washington at this very moment because she is serving as the Secretary of Education in the Trump Administration. She is going to have incredible influence in terms of how education policy is set for the country going forward. Therefore, the family definitely has a lot of things that they plan to work on to shape both their hometown and the country as well.


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