David McDonald: Dedication To Business And Community Work

David McDonald is the Chief Operating Officer of OSI Group. He has been at OSI Group as an executive for three decades and has been responsible for all its operations locally and internationally. McDonald is respected in the community. He has helped many people in community through his initiatives of giving back to the community. He has been a critical member in the Iowa Community. Having been born and raised up here, he has never forgotten his roots. He is concerned about the welfare of the people and takes the initiative to come back and help the community to deal with some of the challenges that they face. He has been working closely with the Iowa State University, his alma mater to create a good environment for education to thrive. He has supported the growth of this university which played major role in shaping his young life.

David McDonald is playing his role in the development of the OSI Group keenly. One of the major accomplishments that he has is ensuring that the company’s operations are going on well in the international platform. OSI Group is one of the oldest companies in the United States. It was established about a century ago and has been producing value-added processed foods to the consumers. The company has spread its operations from Illinois to 17 other countries on top of building 65 food production plants in different parts of the globe to meet the high demand for their products.

David McDonald has been working closely with the Chief Executive Officer of the company to build this company. For the past three decades, he has held various positions of leadership where he impressed such that he was promoted to the senior position of President and COO. When he joined this company, he came from the North American Meat Institute where he was serving as the chairman. His first appointment at OSI Group saw him become the chairman of the company. McDonald holds a degree in Animal Science from Iowa State University.

One factor that has contributed to the growth of the company is innovations and embracing new technologies. The company has also been keen on research and development. It has created two centers to deal with research and development. The purpose of these centers is to study the industry ad come up with measures that will keep the company on top of the rest.

Finally, David McDonald has helped the company acquires some key partners in Europe where it is focusing on making its products.

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