Clayton Hutson Brings Attention to Tour Sound Engineering

When Clayton Hutson started working as a sound engineer, a huge portion of those who worked in the industry only did it for albums. They didn’t care about what they could do with tours and other appearances by the artists they engineered. In fact, Clayton Hutson was among the first people to work as a sound engineer on a tour for different bands. He knew what it took and wasn’t afraid to push forward to help those who were in need of the things they had to offer. It was his goal of giving back that helped him make sure he did everything right.


For Clayton Hutson, the point of helping those on tour is so they can sound as good as they do on their albums. Venues are sometimes not conducive to different sounds and Clayton Hutson wants to change that. By helping artists understand where they need to engineer their sound at and trying to give them a chance to see how they can change, he’s pushing forward to give them a chance at a better sound. It’s his goal of giving back to the artists that led to him working with bands like Staind and Halsey.


Clayton Hutson didn’t always work with huge-name bands. Instead, he worked with smaller bands. While he did that, he built up his reputation. He made a career for himself and made it easier for people to see how he could make a difference for them. Clayton Hutson made sure everyone saw all the options he had available. He also made sure people could see how hard he worked to give them what they wanted. It was always his point to give them back the experiences that would help them succeed. For Clayton Hutson, the point of doing it all was so everyone could have great sound.


When artists sound better on tour, more people like their music. The more people who like the music, the more people who visit the tours. It also leads to higher sales of albums and other things the artists put out. For Clayton Hutson, the idea of helping out artists is something he can feel good about. He gives them a chance to realize things are getting better and they’ll always grow with the opportunities they have. Clayton Hutson wants people to see how things change and how they can get better no matter the issues they face on their own. Learn more: