Choosing to Use the Collection Services of IC Systems

IC Systems was launched in 1938 by Ruth and Jack Erickson as a way to promote accounts receivable options for struggling businesses. If you own a healthcare facility and bill out to patients, you know firsthand how many of those individuals fail to pay their bills on time or even at all. The company was the first, in 1968, to replace all of their typewriters with computers and incorporate high-end technology to benefit both their clients as well as the patients involved with paying their bills. To this day, the IC Systems is still passed down through the Erickson family and strives to be both ethical and professional when getting your patients to pay their bills.


The company has its headquarters in Minnesota and has multiple offices found throughout the country. They have worked with tens of thousands of different facilities and over a million patients who owe these companies money. They were nominated as a finalist in the BBB Torch Awards, which is an incredibly prestigious award given only to companies that have high ratings and diligent performance with their customers. They handle all of the accounts receivable within your office, preventing you from having to hire someone separately who will then need to be put on a salary and given benefits. They do all of this work from their offices, giving you real-time updates regularly so that you know what to expect from your patients.


Despite being one of the most successful accounts receivables and debt collection agencies in the country, IC Systems is not aggressive in its tactics with patients. Ruth and Jack Erickson believed that in order to get a patient or customer to pay their bills, you needed to be both firm and sympathetic. This encourages your patients to get onto a monthly payment plan that is affordable for them as well as beneficial for you. You will still receive the amount that is owed to you, but the patient is going to find it easier to pay the bill without it becoming a financial problem for them and their families. IC Systems offers a free quote to companies looking to utilize their services.