Celebrate Mimei’s Birthday In Tokyo With Kim Dao

Vlogger Kim Dao has made a ton of friends while working in Tokyo. One of her best friends living in the Japanese capital is fellow YouTuber Mimei. If you want to check out Mimei’s birthday party, then you must watch Kim Dao’s recent vlog “Happy Birthday MIMEI ❤️ Birthday in TOKYO | KimDao in JAPAN.


At the start of the video, Kim Dao says she is going to a vegan restaurant in Ikebukuro to celebrate Mimei’s birthday. A few of the other YouTubers at this event include Sharla (aka Sharmander), Bronwyn (aka BronyBeauty), Taylor (aka Taylor R テイラー), and Laura. Learn more: https://ideamensch.com/kim-dao/


Next, Kim Dao shows us the incredible yellow cake the girls bought for Mimei. They put two pictures of Mimei’s cats on the sides of this delicious cake.


Since Mimei is a vegan, the girls order a bunch of savory pancakes for the birthday meal. They also order fake chicken that’s made out of tofu.


Kim Dao films Mimei opening up a few of her gifts. The main gift Kim and her friends got Mimei is a subscription to a monthly box of vegan goodies.


After eating and opening presents, Kim Dao and her friends decide to get a few drinks at Starbucks. Kim orders a white drink with a lemon inside it.


As they enjoy their drinks, the girls walk to Mimei’s place and visit her two cats. They also unveil Mimei’s special cake and eat a few slices.


At the end of the video, Kim Dao goes shopping around Tokyo and closes the video with a purikura (Japanese: プリクラ) session.