Betsy DeVos: A Fighter for Educational Freedom

A recent article discusses the tenacity of Betsy DeVos. The article, located on New York Times’ website, is titled “Betsy DeVos is Publicly Polite, but a Political Fighter” and it provides a new view of the current Secretary of Education. When America heard about the appointment of Betsy DeVos, somewhere in shock but most did not even know her name. They immediately assumed that because they had not heard of her, she was not going to be good at the job. There were others who had heard about her stance on school choice, and they worried that she waited to destroy the Department of Education. Well, she has been active in this role for some time and neither of these things has happened.


Another problem that many people had with her appointment was that they believed she would not be able to be independent. They thought that she would become a figurehead, in a sense, for the department. Instead of being able to enact any type of real change, they believed that she would only serve as a conduit to the department for those above her that wanted to change things. Again, that is not something that has happened since she began her time in office. She is pushed back on many different issues, including a recent issue about transgender bathroom rights. She stood up for her students and faculty members because she knew that that was the right thing to do. It did not matter to her how popular this decision made her among her peers because if it did she would never ever put in that amount of effort.


The whole reason for the article is to inform people that there is so much more to Betsy DeVos then they believe. Before she was appointed to this position she had a real career in education, and she fought for things. She has been on the front lines of education reform for almost her entire career and that says a lot about her ability to get things done. In fact, she and her husband have always been known to be very politically active. For her to be appointed Secretary of Education is simply the next step in a long journey she has made towards changing the landscape of education in this country.


Behind the stoic form that is, Betsy DeVos stands a woman that has raised children, worked in numerous leadership roles and pushed for reform when no one else would. She is much more than a puppet with strings attached for her supervisors, she is a fighter. She has never been more passionate about education in our life, and America would be hard-pressed to find another person as well suited for the job as she is. Her advocacy for school choice should not be discounted either because even though she is the head of the Department of Education, she is more interested in providing the best services to the American children. It just might be, that the government is not the best provider of such services.


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