Barbara Stokes and GHS Strategies Justify their Contract Award by FEMA

Green Structure Homes of Alabama has been awarded a contract by FEMA to construct houses as a way of solving the crisis that was caused by the hurricane which swept away a significant number of homes. GSH has been based in Huntsville, Alabama and it has been offering quality services in the construction industry for the government and the private sector. Through the able leadership of Barbara Stokes, GSH has been building durable structures that offer the most desired services to their clients. Visit her Linkedin profile to know more.

Green Structure Homes Corporation has been known as the disaster relief contractor after offering various construction services to the communities which have faced disasters. Barbara Stokes has been helping this organization to develop its niche in the construction industry that will not experience extreme competition from other construction entities. The recent award of an agreement with FEMA to construct houses after hurricane disaster is a clear demonstration of how these organization has positioned itself.

Barbara Stokes has ensured that Green Structure Homes only builds homes and business facilities that meet the needs of the final user as well as the needs of the surroundings. This means that all the structures build by this corporation are modern and are made in such a way that they are long-lasting enough to help owners in minimizing the cost of repair and maintenance of the house. Moreover, the homes constructed by the organization are environmentally friendly and energy efficient which means they conserve the surroundings for future generations while at the same time helping the owner of the house to cut energy expenses.


Barbara Stokes leadership qualities and experience has helped the company to formulate strategies that help GSH to be the most preferred corporation in building homes for disaster relief. This strategy involves building the houses at lower costs than what other contractors are offering in the same market. This means that Barbara Stokes lead organization wins most of the contracts provided in this region. The other strategy involves building the homes and other facilities within the shortest time possible so that they can be ready for occupation. This is an important strategy that works in helping disaster victims to have decent homes after a short period. Visit to know more about Barbara Stokes.