Amicus Therapeutics Examined

Amicus Therapeutics is a biotechnology company that offers a variety of advanced therapies for treating rare of orphan type diseases. The company is headquartered in Cranbury New Jersey.

Amicus primarily focuses on very rare as well as orphan type diseases. Essentially, the company concentrates on treating lysosomal storage type disorders. Chaperone Advanced Replacement Therapy or CHART focus on developing as well as improving “hormone replacement therapy”.


Amicus Therapeutics has worked closely with Glaxo– Smith Kline as well as JCR Pharmaceutical Company. The purpose of Amicus working with JCR and Glaxo-Smith Kline was to study the various uses of Coformulation. In addition, Amicus was also curious how Coformulation interacted when combined with other agents. Amicus worked with the two other Pharmaceutical companies for about three years.


Amicus opened up a research facility on the west coast. In addition, about 5 years ago the company received a sizable donation from the Michael J. Fox Foundation. The stipulation concerning the generous donation was that the money was to be used to assist research studies at the David Geffen School of Medicine. David Geffen is affiliated with UCLA.


Amicus Therapeutics also received a sizable grant from the Alzheimer’s Discovery Foundation. The purpose of this donation from the Alzheimer’s Discovery Foundation was to support work of a pre-clinical nature through the Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center. In the past, sizable grants enabled additional research and new treatment options for Alzheimer’s Disease.


John Crowley is currently the CEO of Amicus Therapeutics. John Crowley is also Chairman of the Board of Amicus Therapeutics ( Crowley has been an advocate of hormone replacement therapy for the treatment of not only Orphan diseases but other serious illnesses.


*Treatment of Orphan Diseases:


Orphan Diseases are diseases which can be quite serious such as Cystic Fibrosis, Lou Gehrig disease as well as Tourettes Syndrome. Normally Orphan Diseases only affect fewer than 200 thousand people. This is the reason diseases such as this are termed “rare” diseases.


Hopefully, with continued research and generous donations, Amicus Therapeutics will continue to research new therapies and possible cures for “Orphan Diseases”. Advanced therapy research will continue in hopes of discovering miracle treatments or possible cures.


Amicus Therapeutics continues to grow and has gained considerable notoriety over the past 5 years. The addition of the west coast facility may enable more in depth research and testing which may hold great promise for future cures.