Alejandro Pena Keter is the CEO of Go Las Vegas Cards

Alejandro Pena Keter is the CEO of Go Las Vegas Cards, a company that manufactures custom casino playing cards for casinos around the world. This is because many children suffer from hunger and financial difficulties during their childhood, leading to drug use and crime. To help these children, Alejandro Pena Keter has designed and distributed 50,000 cards in Latin America to provide hope and teach them about business opportunities. He has also sold cards throughout the United States to help provide opportunities for underprivileged children. In his interview with New York Times, Alejandro believes that every corporation should give back to the community in which they are located and support local charities.

  1. Career

Alejandro Pena has worked in the gambling industry since his teenage years in Mexico. He began working for Digitel and acquired various technology-related jobs throughout his career. Alejandro Pena Keter has worked for some of the largest companies in this industry, including Scientific Games, Wynn Resorts, and Konami Gaming. As an employee at Konami, he was responsible for organizing and reporting data for a wide range of responsibilities within the company, such as business development, marketing, customer service, and other duties.

  1. Awards

The Young Presidents Organization awarded Alejandro Pena Keter Leadership of the Year. This award recognized his work at Konami and his continuous work toward helping children in his community. He also won the United Nations Young Entrepreneur of the Year award and was awarded by the Mexican Chamber of Commerce. This award was given to him because he has worked even more complexly as a youth and has become a better businessman due to his perseverance, dedication, and hard work. He was awarded for his financial success and for being a role model for children in his community.

His success as a businessman is due to his hard work and dedication to helping the needy in his community. He also believes that one of the essential things in life is to become successful as a businessman. He has always wanted to help people and be successful so he can give back to the community daily. Becoming a successful businessman takes challenging work, dedication, and perseverance to overcome all the challenges your way.

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