A look at why Paul Mampilly Believes AI stocks are the Next Big Thing

For quite some time now, Paul Mampilly’s twitter has been abuzz with posts on artificial intelligence and reasons why he believes that AI will be the next big thing. In one of his recent posts, Paul talks of AI applications in almost every field of our lives by giving out examples of how they surround him. For instance, the advertisements that continuously pop up on the side of a website he is browsing through, the handpicked music selections that he listens to and how he now chooses and plans his vacations using AI. In the video attached to that post, Mampilly gives more examples of how real-life applications of AI have changed things and made them more manageable. For instance, he says that thanks to facial recognition technology, a particular company in China was able to identify a suspect who was among a crowd of 60,000 people in a stadium.

Thanks to this, the suspect is now serving his jail term for the crimes he committed. In respect to that, he goes on to add that if the world had such technologies in the past, massive terrorist activities like the 9/11 which took place in New York and took away hundreds of innocent lives would have been prevented. Nevertheless, Paul Mampilly does not sugar coat AI by talking about its advantages only, as he also goes on to add that despite its effectiveness, AI also has a few of its downsides such as continuously showing you adverts that you aren’t interested in. Fortunately, the upsides outweigh the downsides which is why he believes that investing in AI stocks now, will bring massive returns in the long run. He gives three examples of the stocks that he had pointed out in last year’s total wealth symposium and how well they are performing. Paul is quick to point out that among the three stocks, the one lagging behind has already beaten the market index which means that investors who took his advice last year are reaping big.

About Paul Mampilly

Famed for his stocks unlimited newsletter in which he talks about the latest stocks and recommends some of the most profitable, Paul Mampilly is an alumnus of Fordham where he received his MBA. He is an influential figure in business thanks to his wise insights on stock matters. He began his career in Wall Street, and after building a career that many would trade the world for, Paul Mampilly left so he can help Average Joe on the main street make massive profits and excel in business.